Mending your Inner Child through Photo-embroidery and Storytelling

As custodians of transformative experiences at Co:Creation Workshop, we ardently cultivate the fusion of healing and artistic expression. On August 19th, in collaboration with Crazycat, we orchestrated the ‘Mending Your Inner Child Through Photo-Embroidery & Storytelling’ workshop at The Social Space. Crazycat, a media company and community uniting everyday women, celebrates individuality, urging women to embrace their true selves along with their strengths and vulnerabilities. Drawing inspiration from our signature workshop, ‘Photo Embroidery Storytelling with Stitches & Images,’ this workshop was a poignant exploration into inner child healing through the exquisite art of Photo Embroidery.

The first segment of artmaking was guided by Samantha from Co:Creation, participants embarked on a heartwarming journey. They selected treasured childhood photos, transforming them into art through the soothing practice of embroidery. With every stitch, they weaved care and introspection into the static images, turning memories into living tapestries.

These cherished childhood photographs became portals to rekindle the unbridled curiosity and creativity of our younger selves. Each participant, while choosing materials and learning diverse embroidery stitches, actively shaped their final artwork. This process mirrored the act of shaping beliefs and perspectives. As they stitched, contemplation arose, leading to a reevaluation of the beliefs carried from childhood, distinguishing which still served them and which required reconsideration or release. The embroidery itself became a canvas to weave new narratives and beliefs into the fabric of their being.

Acknowledging the enduring impact of childhood experiences, Sarah Bagharib from Crazycat facilitated a soul-stirring segment following Samantha’s guidance. Participants engaged in reflective journaling after calming breathing exercises, creating an atmosphere resounding with emotional depth. The penned thoughts carried the weight of shared experiences, with tearful eyes and a symphony of emotions filling the serene space.

The storytelling juncture was poignant, with individual narratives converging and unraveling. The first volunteer shared her childhood struggles and reflections, setting the stage for authentic vulnerability. Another participant courageously recounted the journey from childhood bullying to adulthood, finding solace in her quieter disposition. Encouraging words from Sarah affirmed the strength found in gentleness and the power of a few well-chosen words in a world that values outspokenness.

Each story weaved a unique tapestry of challenges, growth, and resilience. As the workshop concluded, parting words resonated with hopes for newfound discoveries and connections, celebrating the transformative power of self-reflection and empathy.

To every participant who shared their stories and embraced the journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your courage and vulnerability have enriched this collective experience. To our fantastic collaborator and source of boundless inspiration, Sarah Bagharib from Crazycat,  we extend our deepest appreciation for this collaboration. Together, we’ve woven an intricate tapestry of memories, healing, and newfound perspectives. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey.

We extend an exclusive invitation to corporations seeking a transformative experience for their teams. “Mending Your Inner Child Through Photo-Embroidery & Storytelling” is a workshop woven from threads of self-reflection and shared vulnerability. It can present itself as an oasis within the hustle of the corporate landscape. Book now to embark on a journey of emotional intelligence, creativity, and team cohesion. Let your workforce delve into the art of embracing individuality and fostering an empathetic workplace culture.