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Co:Creation Journal

Drawing inspiration from our signature workshop, 'Photo Embroidery Storytelling with Stitches & Images,' this workshop was a poignant exploration into inner child healing through the exquisite art of Photo Embroidery.
We are looking for creatives to collaborate with us in our new inclusion research program, Our Time to Shine! 🎨 In partnership with persons with disabilities, we will be exploring 3 unique touch points – “Modifying tools and materials experimentation”, “Exploring alternative ways of meaning-making, communication and expression ” and “Creating access and inspiration from our space & and environment” ✨
If you're feeling exhausted and uninspired, know that you're not alone. Many art educators experience this same struggle, especially when they're pouring their energy into lesson planning, grading, and managing a classroom on top of their own creative pursuits. But there's good news: taking time for creative rest can make all the difference.

Featured Workshops

Cyanotype: Printmaking with the Sun

Dive into the world of alternative processes and make a one-of-a kind cyanotype! Participants will to create their own cyanotype prints and understand the theories behind the age-old process. The outcomes are highly customisable – choose between paper, fabric, bag or even have your own photos printed! Expect lots of fun under the sun!

Bichromate Printing

Bichromate printing is a 19th-century photographic printing process that produces a sublime painterly quality to photographic images. The technique utilizes a combination of pigments together with the light sensitivity of dichromates to produce multi-colored. Participants will engage in risk-taking through art.

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