Not every mind or body will experience art the same way.

But every mind and body is entitled to the experience

Our Manifesto

Creative action work for everyone

Not every mind or body will experience art the same way. By expanding our creative knowledge through partnerships with like-minded creatives and differently-abled artists, we hope to innovate programs that can enhance well-being in our everyday lives.

Art should be accessible to all

We believe that everyone should be able to experience art regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. At co:creation, we constantly learn and share inclusive art practices to improve our workshops, ensuring everyone can enjoy their art experiences equally.

Art connects us beyond our social circle

The act of creation encourages uncertainty, differing perceptions and new experiences. Through purposeful facilitation, we hope to bring people with diverse experiences together to find purpose, belonging and understanding.

Meet the Team

Samantha Tio

Co:Founder, Chief of Communities

Tan Peiling

Co:Founder, Creative Strategist

Yap Ai Lian

Studio Administrator


Mary Bernadette Lee

Artist | Facilitator

Ee Shaun

Artist | Facilitator

Chloe Tan

Ceramic Artist

Izziyana Suhaimi

Textile Artist

Let’s get Co:Creating

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Workshop Facilitator

Join our pool of freelance workshop facilitators. Get access to opportunities to facilitate exciting art workshops in schools, organizations and communities.