5 Assembly Talks Inspired by Art

Redefining the Parameters of Education with Art

When we think of art, we often think of paintings, sculptures, and other objects that can be displayed in a museum or gallery. We don’t usually think of art as a tool for learning.

At Co:Creation Workshop, we believe that art can be so much more than just a way to decorate our surroundings. We believe that art can be used to teach us about ourselves, our communities, and the world around us.

That’s why we’re excited to share with you 5 Assembly talks that will blow your school’s mind and redefine the old ideas of what art can do. These talks are designed to engage and inspire students, teachers, and the community at large. Each talk is inspired by art, Co:Created by artists but covers a range of different topics like chemistry, data science, environmental sustainability, social issues, and even the concept of inclusivity.

Let’s get a kickstart in getting our schools and communities to learn about these topics and most importantly get them to think about art in a new way.

Topics These Talks Address and How They Aim to Improve Inclusivity and Social Responsibility

The talks we design and host are inspired by art, but address a range of other topics like chemistry, environmental sustainability, social issues, and the concept of inclusivity.

Our aim is to shift perspectives on what art can really do. We want to show that art isn’t just about art. It can teach social and moral issues. And by getting students to think about community and social responsibility, we hope to inspire them to take action and make a difference.

“Voices of our hearts” (Izziyana Suhaimi in collaboration with inmates from the Changi Women’s Prison), 2015, 100 x 100 cm, Variety of yarns; woven

From Wardrobe to Wall: Eco-friendly Yarn Macrame

Inspired by the art of upcycling, local artist Izziyana Suhaimi creates artworks with environmental sustainability in mind. Audience will learn how to breathe life into old items by using them as art materials instead of discarding them. In this assembly talk, we challenge participants to learn to transform t-shirts into balls of yarn.

This programme is co:created with local textile artist, Izziyana Suhaimi. Izziyana enjoys telling stories through weaving and sewing. No surface is unfamiliar to her needle — she has sewn on cloth, paper and even photographs! Through her sewing, ‘time’ becomes something that can be felt and seen – each stitch represents a moment that has passed.

Izziyana inspires us to with her eco-consciousness and her drive to tackle the environmental issues caused by fast fashion.

Peace Paintings: Mindful watercolour brushstrokes

This programme is co:created with Soh Ee Shaun, a local artist and illustrator who is known for his vibrant and colourful artworks. Having recently started incorporating therapeutic practices in his art-making, this programme embodies Ee Shaun’s intentions of practising mindfulness and being present through the act of watercolour painting.

Full of childlike wonder and playfulness, Soh Ee Shaun uses art to break out of life’s boring routines. His painting style reflects his way of living: of having an open mind and going with the flow of things, instead of trying to control them. It is easy to get lost in his colourful murals, which are often bursting with unexpected surprises. They are found all over Singapore in schools and MRT stations, adding life to the city’s grey walls and pavements.

Bring out your school’s/community’s best doodlers because we have a special challenge for this assembly talk. We will be inviting participants to create a chimera with Ee Shuan* through an exciting exquisite corpse activity.

The Alchemy of Natural Dyeing: Colours from Nature

A beautiful scarf with colors from nature will activates our fashion and aesthetic sensibilities. But do you know behind the alchemy of colors is a whole lot of science?

In this talk, audiences will be introduced to the process and science behind natural dyeing. They will get to realise that dyeing fabric doesn’t call for a trip to the art supplies store but perhaps to their kitchen instead; olour pigments can be extracted from natural materials readily accessible to them.

This programme is co:created with Crystal Lee, a local artist who explores the use of natural dyes in her practice. Crystal uses natural dyes extracted from plants and flowers to create a variety of artworks and products.

Leow Wei Li installing her artworks “Homemade” which was exhibited at SPRMRKT

A Sort of Painting: Assemblage of Household Items

This programme is co:created with Leow Wei Li, a local painter working with everyday objects and materials in the households of Singaporean homes. Students will be introduced to Wei Li’s practice and embark on their own explorations to incorporate everyday items in their artworks, starting from their own selection of materials at a hardware store. Learn about the art of assemblage and how it can be adopted as an approach to painting, using sponges as canvases and daily household objects as “paints”. Students will be invited to pay more attention to the visual elements of the things around them and consider their potential as art materials. Students will also experience the installation of their artworks and familiarise themselves with the thought processes and considerations around installation. Through a talk given by a local gallery, students will also gain professional insight to the behind-the-scenes of preparing for an art exhibition.

Inclusive Co:Creations (Series)

Diversity and Inclusion has been a critical talking point for community building today. Do you know that is art powerful enabler for people to put into action diversity and inclusion goals? Why not bring this topic forward as something that we can explore in an assembly talk?

These Assembly Talks Can Benefit the School, Teachers, Students and Communities

When you book an assembly talk with us, you can expect a lot more than just talking. You’ll be getting a talk that’s been carefully crafted and tailored to your specific needs.

All our Assembly Talks have these elements:

– Engaging: We use a variety of methods to keep everyone engaged, from games with prizes to hands-on activities.

– Interactive: We believe that learning should be a two-way process, so we encourage questions and feedback throughout the talk.

– Fun: We believe that learning should be enjoyable, so we make sure our talks are interactive and engaging. Plus, we always try to include a few laughs along the way!

But more importantly, our assembly talks are designed to leave a lasting impression on your students. We want them to walk away from the talk with a new perspective on the world around them, and we want them to feel inspired to make a difference in their community.

The highlights of Co:Creation’s assembly talks

– All our programs are bespoke and can be tailored to fit your school’s requirements

– We will get the artist to be present* – We believe that artists have a lot to offer in their presence. They are supported by our compares in delivering engaging and thought-provoking talks

– Lots of fun games and prizes that your students (and teachers) will love 

– Our programs are designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone

*In the case we are unable to synchronize a time for the artist to be sharing during the assembly talk we will have a specialized compare to deliver the content of the assembly session. And we promise it will be equally fun!

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At Co:Creation Workshop, we believe that art can be so much more.We believe that art can be used to teach a variety of different topics, from chemistry to environmental sustainability to social issues. And we believe that artists have so much to offer with their practices in the realm of education.

We hope that you will consider working with us to bring assembly talks inspired by art to your school.