Co:ntemporary Encounters

The contemporary art world is constantly evovoling and pushing boundaries. Expand our horizons, challenge our assumptions and deepen our understanding of the world around us with this series of workshops developed by contemporary artists. Be exposed to new ideas and approaches that you may not have encountered otherwise. Be awed by new ways of seeings.

Ways of Reading: Text-based art with mark-making

This workshop is going to challenge our perceptions of reading and art making, through a series of fun, experiential and interactive activities. This idea would be further expanded as we dive into the world of data science – learning about how big data are translated into accessible visual representations via coding techniques.

A Sort of Painting: Assemblage of Household Items

Experience how to incorporate everyday objects in your artworks, using household objects as “paints”. Learn about the art of assemblage inspired by local artist Leow Wei Li, and how it can be adopted as an approach to painting. We will be activating our awareness towards the visual elements of things around us and consider their potential as art materials.

The Alchemy of Natural Dyeing: Colours from Nature

Crystal Lee is a local artist that uses natural dyes extracted from plants and flowers to create a variety of artworks and products. This workshop engages participants through experiential learning, combined with artistic and scientific experimentation. Learn about the process and science behind natural dyeing, and how to extract pigments from nature.

Beyond the Surface: Create nature-inspired designs

Experience a process-driven approach to art-making with this workshop. Co:Created by Mary Bernadette Lee. Participants will be guided through a series of activities to extract forms and patterns from items that they encounter in nature. Engage in close observations of the visual qualities of found objects as materials for art and design.

From Wardrobe to Wall: Eco-friendly Yarn Macrame

Inspired by the art of upcycling, local artist Izziyana Suhaimi creates artworks with environmental sustainability in mind. Participants will learn how to breathe life into old items by using them as art materials instead of discarding them. In this workshop, participants will transform t-shirts into balls of yarn and create a macrame wall hanging.