Creative Eco:nomies

Unlock the secrets of the creative industry and unleash your potential as a creative force! Our skilled facilitators, with years of experience, will guide you through the essentials of innovation and originality. Discover the professional tips and tricks that will set you apart from the rest, and gain insights on how to survive and thrive as a creative in any sector. With our expert guidance, you’ll be on your way to making your unique mark in the dynamic world of the creative economy.

Character design through digital illustration

Explore digital illustration with illustrator Cherryn Yap and learn the creative process of character design. Starting with sketches on paper to a digital illustration for a mobile wall paper and finally into an animated character, participants will learn the ropes of using tools in Procreate to bring their characters to life.

Art writing for Students

This workshop offers a hands-approach to art writing, focusing on the key writing formats for art students in school. With fun activities and easy-to-use templates students will learn about basic structures in writing art. Students will learn to confidently use visual analysis and research, to write compelling exhibition reviews and artist statements.

Artwork Documentation for digital portfolio

Take your art portfolio to the next level. Learn how to capture stunning photographs of your artwork. We will be diving deep into the steps to create digital portfolios that are visually captivating. By the end of our workshop, you will be equipped with photography techniques that are perfect for digitizing paintings, drawings and prints.

I’m a young curator! An exhibition-making workshop

A curator’s job is more than just hanging artworks on a wall. This workshop imparts the fundamentals of exhibition making and curating. Participants will get to have a hands-on experience in creating an exhibition to realise a curatorial vision. Be guided through conceptualising, developing your own exhibition using an array of artworks and artefacts.

Visual Merchandising, Event & Product Styling

Styling plays a crucial role in telling a story of people, products and even experiences. This workshop will introduce event and product styling in the context of visual content marketing. Through case studies, participants will learn how to identify key messaging and concepts to develop convincing pitch decks to bring a set creation to life.

Effective layout design for digital portfolios

Learn tried and tested graphic design methods to elevate your artworks in this workshop for digital portoflios. From developing a concept, curating content to exploring effective layouts and typography styles, particiapnts will gain confidence in developing a creative digital portfolio that will showcase their artistic strengths and visions.