Eco Co:nsciousness

Develop a deeper connection with the natural world and be inspired to take action to protect our environment. This series of workshops addresses complex environmental challenges in engaging and effective ways. Join us in these creative explorations that will help you unleash your inner eco-warrior and discover innovative ways to make a difference.

The Alchemy of Natural Dyeing: Colours from Nature

Crystal Lee is a local artist that uses natural dyes extracted from plants and flowers to create a variety of artworks and products. This workshop engages participants through experiential learning, combined with artistic and scientific experimentation. Learn about the process and science behind natural dyeing, and how to extract pigments from nature.

From Wardrobe to Wall: Eco-friendly Yarn Macrame

Inspired by the art of upcycling, local artist Izziyana Suhaimi creates artworks with environmental sustainability in mind. Participants will learn how to breathe life into old items by using them as art materials instead of discarding them. In this workshop, participants will transform t-shirts into balls of yarn and create a macrame wall hanging.