The InterCo:nnected Self

Discover your creativity and explore your emotions, thoughts, and experiences through art. Join our workshops that create calm and intimate spaces, putting your wellbeing at the center. Come along with us to tap into your intuition, explore inner landscapes, and uncover new insights. Find deeper connections within yourself and with the world.

Photo Embroidery Storytelling w/ stitches & images

Where photography meets embroidery, stories unfold and magic happens. Photo-embroidery is a way to elevate a 2D image into a tactile and even 3D one. Participants will be guided step-by-step with creating or selecting an image for intervention, choosing the types of materials for it and learn to embroider using an array of flat and raised stitches.

Zine Making and its communicative possibilities

Creating a zine can also be an act of “remembering”. In this workshop, participants will be prompted to establish personal and intimate expressions with the humble craft of zine making. Explore with paper folding techniques, collaging and experimental low-tech printing processes with visual art educator and practitioner, Nur Hanis Binte Selamat.

From Text to Image: An introduction to Visual Poetry

When written words are translated into visual images, what could a story look like? Explore how text can be visually translated to create deeper meanings. Using simple typography, colour theory exercises and various printmaking processes, participants formulate their own ways to produce a series of visual poems that connect with them and their community.

Beyond the Surface: Create nature-inspired designs

Experience a process-driven approach to art-making with this workshop. Co:Created by Mary Bernadette Lee. Participants will be guided through a series of activities to extract forms and patterns from items that they encounter in nature. Engage in close observations of the visual qualities of found objects as materials for art and design.